Puncture Wars

I am sometimes an expert in medical situations where standard of care is the issue. I can always find out what the standard should be, by reviewing the reliable literature.

So in Texas Chiros want to do Acupuncture and the Acupuncturist Board of Licensure is suing them for not being able to meet the standards. What standards?

The physiological/biological basis for acupuncture is not scientific at all–it is based on magic energy meridians and traditions for what does and doesn’t work, without controlled studies for sure. Yadayada.

So, as long as Chiros keep the needles clean, how can they commit acupuncture malpractice?


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2 responses to “Puncture Wars

  1. Chiros calling themselves “doctor” gets on my goat.

  2. Chiropractors aren’t what they are “cracked” up to be?

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