Euthanasia for Children in Belgium

I have expressed my disapproval of the aggressive euthanasia programs because life is precious.

Quality of life leads many people to say–death is better than that.


Many suicidal persons suffer from depression/anger/resentment. Is it proper to allow children, who are immature and impulsive by nature, the ability to say–kill me?

Is a life of pain or disability better than no life? Churchill said, always choose life. I agree, compared to no life.

Paul MccHugh is a psychiatrist and he dissect the Kevorkian insanity. Dr. K killed a lot of people who didn’t have a terminal illness at all, they were just unhappy. He killed on person who had chronic fatigue syndrome, which is not a disease at all.

Terry Schiavo was declared subhuman and vegetative even though she really was just severely disabled.

McHugh was on the Bioethics Commission, Chair of Psych at Johns Hopkins, now University Professor.

2 responses to “Euthanasia for Children in Belgium

  1. And the inevitable result will be progressive governmental elites “helping” you make the choice or, in due time, making the choice for you – whether you like it or not.

  2. As societies continue to eliminate the concepts of theism from popular culture, they are left with a void where ultimate authority used to reside. There is no dearth of humanist willing to fill that power vacuum. The ultimate decision, life or death, has always been the mark, and the right of absolute rulers.

    Regardless of any argument, no matter how reasonable, concerning quality of life, definition of death, or existence of an afterlife, I have never met nor heard of any individual or group I am willing to elevate to a position with that much power over other human lives.

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