NY Psych Industry Pushing Something that’s Crazy

I won’t go into too long a lecture about the stupidity of this proposal to close the NY State Psych Hospitals,

but someone in the psych industry needs to have his head examined.

De-insitutionalization of the mentally is was so stylish. Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cookoo’s Nest got such an emphathetic response in the lefty idiot population.

So we ended up with people living on grates and causing themselves, their families and others much trouble and disruption, even getting killed, killing others, suffering or even dying from lack of supervision and drug abuse or other unattended medical problems.

So now the cost of the NY psych hospitals is the target and the “community resources” bunch proposes they can do it.

NOT. There are physical needs, medical needs and supervisory needs that cannot be met in the outpatient setting even by the most motivated of care givers. Besides these community programs are, to a great extent disabled by their philosophy of care. Close supervision and compulsory medications are necessary for a set of psych patients.


I have been involved close and far with community psych problems and inpatient is sometimes THE ONLY WAY.

People will get hurt if they and there will be a lot of misery if these idiots manage to convince the NY State Gov to close down essential psych inpatient services.

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5 responses to “NY Psych Industry Pushing Something that’s Crazy

  1. Interlineal P.E.Ruser _ P.robable E.rror

    Steve, have a really good long look at that which Dr David Rosenhan discovered with his very famous experiment [The Rosenhan Experiment] and then [only then yeah?] decide whether or not many — if not all — psychiatric hospitals should remain open. It might be better just to turn all the psych hospitals into problematic prisons and be done with it altoge_ther’apeutic!

    Grab a brain Steve.

    • This post is by John. Not Steve. Says so at the top.

      You get a brain, Interlineal P.E.Ruser _ P.robable E.rror. If that’s your real name.

  2. The real problem is that this “green economy” cannot afford necessary psych services.

    Homeless shelters, alleys and grates have become dumping grounds for mental patients.

  3. I am a physician with 20 plus years of corrections medicine and 40 years of Emergency Medicine and Family Practice, to include more than a casual occasional contact with psych.

    The ED is where serious mental illness goes. Practicing psychiatrist try to stay away from the ED. Too wild and crazy? You bet.

    I also, as a director of emergency services, worked with local mental health programs, even working with them in the care of inpatient and outpatient psych problems because I needed to help them out so that our ED was better able to help the patients. For a time when our local mental health program was short on psychiatrists, I even did their medications clinic and saw their problem cases and sat in on problem case committee discussions. One thing I can say with confidence, the personality disorder problem is underestimated adn may mental health problem cases are not psychotic but have a very disordered life because of behavior problems.

    Incarceration is not for the truly mentally ill.

    Personality disorders are not mental illness, that’s behavior problems. They do get to be unhappy and use drugs for their moods, legal and illegal.

    • Thanks, John, for your comment.

      Has mental illness been induced by distrust of government?

      After heads of governments and scientific organizations tried to excuse obvious manipulation of data (global temperatures) in Climategate emails and documents, confidence in these organizations vanished.

      With kind regards,
      Oliver K. Manuel
      Former NASA Principal
      Investigator for Apollo

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