As comfy and cozy “leaders” in the West try shutting down the coal industry..

People in countries such as Pakistan, where poverty really does mean starving to death (one of the very positive things about the US is that no one, aside from the occasional “outlier” that can never be completely cleared, does so), are avidly looking at developing their coal resources.[from Al Jazeera]

Pakistan is planning to generate 6,000 megawatts [sic] of electricity from coal-based power plants, but it lacks the resources to upgrade its mining industry.

The coal-rich mountains of Balochistan province have hundreds of millions of tonnes of coal, but 70 percent of it remains untapped.

Pakistan’s coal industry is struggling with decades-old methods of extraction, limited investment, poor infrastructure and unsafe working conditions.

Al Jazeera’s Osama Bin Javaid reports from a remote mine in Balochistan.

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3 responses to “As comfy and cozy “leaders” in the West try shutting down the coal industry..

  1. CFACT is on the case–and many others.

    comfortable greenies who would allow people to suffer for their fetish about coal, since they have no evidence coal is causing any harm as used in modern energy plants.

    small particle pollution is an excuse to fight progress.

  2. The green activists are made up of people who have lived very comfortable lives. They are wealthy compared to real poverty. Most have little knowledge or experience with the basics of survival. So, it is very easy, from the comfort of the first world to make decisions of how the third world should operate.

  3. What the Earth needs is a blast from the sun to knock out all of the electrical grids. That would cure the greenies of their obvious mental defects because they would have to live a while in the Stone Age. Money would mean nothing at that point. Imagine Al Gore and George Soros flailing around in that type of environment! Suddenly, electricity from any source would become highly desireable to them. I recall reading an article about a power outage in, I believe it was, Boston, back around the 1960s. These greenies had a change of heart about electricity sources when they discovered how difficult it was for them to live without electricity. Kind of like people who are against the death penalty and suddenly become pro death penalty when someone in their own family gets killed.

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