Delusional thinking by Greenies–no Snow?

A note from Joe Bast.

Says Joe:

My God! Don’t these guys have windows?

H/T David.


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11 responses to “Delusional thinking by Greenies–no Snow?

  1. Ice on Lake Michigan 4 miles out. Makes for impressive photos!prettyPhoto

  2. From an article on by Joseph D’Aleo:

    He also provides several graphs which show that these guys not only don’t have windows, but they apparently can’t read either.

  3. I note the warmists have wisely moved the “no snow” date to 2100 when they will all be conveniently dead and unable to be held accountable.

    • A sure sign of graduation from amateur to professional Prophet. Setting the date within your life expectancy is a rookie mistake.

  4. So who is the denialist now? Reminds me of what a cattle rancher in Oregon told me. She and her husband had spent thousands of their and taxpayer grant money repairing riparian areas damaged by over a century of grazing, They met with an individual from one of the states most anti-grazing environmentalist groups.
    He was taken to a stream on their property that they rehabilitated. To the point where they could bring in cows for a few days a year to graze without issue.
    This particular spot had been grazed the previous few days and much pf the grass was still taller than the cows. The enviro was adamant that cattle and streams were incompatible and that it couldn’t be done. He didn’t believe them that cows had been and were grazing that spot.

    She said at one point during his refutations a cow was grazing in the tall grass 40 or so feet away but completely visible. He refused to even turn around to look and maintained that no cows were there grazing.

  5. The lack of snow is so devastating to the ski industry that retail sales were up the last two years in Aspen.

  6. As I sit looking out my window at the falling snow,I would like our fellow junksters to know that it will only cost somewhere between 75-100 million dollars Canadian, to clean up the mess following our huge snow and ice storm over Christmas. I write this from the Toronto area,about 60-70 miles from the prof. at the University of Waterloo,who laments the loss of snow.Maybe next time we can export this snow to other places and make some money out of this deal? Any takers for our new Canadian export?(P.S.,this will help our balance of payments problem, and if we can find enough suckers to take our snow,it will probably get rid of the Federal Deficit.LMFAO)

  7. My dear nix. Cows are stupid evil creatures who are dumb enuff to follow natures dictates. Nature orders them to eat grass, but the left wing knows that grazing is bad. Both Nature and cows are stupid because they did not go to college. Your farmer friend probably did not go to college either, evidenced by how eager your friend sides with the cow and nature. HENCE, ALL MUST BE EDUCATED BY THE LEFT WING! Bear in mind that the cow is imbued with evil. It farts and burps and its supernatural gases destroy the ozone and heat the planet! It strips the grass from the soil and causes it to turn into desert!

  8. I was with you on the “cows are stupid evil creatures” part.

  9. Note to john1282: We used to say the same thing “Don’t these people have windows?” Then one day the weather girl said she did not have window and could not tell what was happening weatherwise at the moment. So sometimes they don’t have windows.

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