Secret Science targeted by the House

Steve Milloy, Stan Young and many others have argued that EPA researchers should show their data and methods.

Of course EPA researchers would prefer to keep their data and methods a secret and just claim they are saving the world from terrible threats of various toxins.

They even have a special category of research that involves harvesting variations in death rates, and dredging for “associations.”

My favorite is defining a toxin based on such harvesting, and disregarding the nature of the “toxin” like small particles, which can be, in many cases, just naturally occurring dust. But who’s checking. If somone was checking, they would be unable to get the data and methods from the EPA or it’s sponsored and funded researchers.

And of course now we have the default position–there is no safe level of _______. The precautionary principle on steroids.

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3 responses to “Secret Science targeted by the House

  1. There is no safe level of tyranny.

  2. Ignore the man behind the curtain.
    If Americans were truly educated, they would know that science not open to review is not science at all when it is used to regulate us.

  3. Well Pat, of course, Americans are NOT truly educated, at least recently. When the ’60’s radical types took over the education arena (remember, “those who can do, those who can’t, teach), Americans have been more indoctrinated in socialist blather that taught more that a smidgeon of hard stuff like science.

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