NRDC Likes the Proposed EPA Power Plant Rules

The NRDC likes the new proposed rules.  Their experts say the rules are popular, workable and will address climate change.  Would the NRDC and their experts like to build a new coal fired plant and show us how doable carbon capture and storage is?

Carbon capture and storage is being done only in federally funded “demonstration” projects.  The ones that have a chance of working are near oil fields so the CO2 can be used for enhanced oil recovery.  The other option is deep well injection of stack gas.  Getting a deepwell injection project is tough.  I’m sure if you put up a permit application for a coal power plant with CCS by deep well injection, the NRDC would be there wailing mightily about the evils of that plant.

Permitting for almost any combustion source must perform a BACT analysis for CO2 emissions.  The BACT looks at feasibility and cost.  It’s easy now because the infrastructure to capture the stack gas and transport it so some deepwell injection site is not there.  The deep well site isn’t there either.

So, if you are building a coal powered plant, or even a natural gas plant, what do you do with the stack gas?  Chill and dewater it, followed by some sort of separation tor the CO2?  Put in a CO2 recovery plant?  Then do you transport the liquid CO2 to some place that can inject it, or try to find a market?  In any method the cost becomes prohibitive.

The EPA’s rules effectively end new coal power plants.  Maybe the experts at the NRDC will build, design and permit a coal plant with CCS.  They say it is doable.


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5 responses to “NRDC Likes the Proposed EPA Power Plant Rules

  1. Nothing is impossible for those who don’t have to do it themselves.

  2. “The EPA rules effectively end new coal power plants”. Well, duh, that’s exactly the goal of the EPA and their Luddite cronys. What else would one expect from this gang of criminals in this administration. There’s little, if any, science behind this. “Damn the ignorant proles – let them freeze!”. We’re “protecting the children”. Utter nonsense and blather. I say, let the people arise and slay this monster! (Ya, I know, lotsa luck with that bunky). There are a number of efforts in Congress (finally!) to try and rein-in this abomination (that they created – no mostly not the same Congress persons) called the EPA. Good for the sponsors of such efforts, but, of course, they’re going to fail – Obama (our criminal-in-chief) would never sign such a bill.

  3. How do we go about cutting the NRDC off the grid & making them use sun dials and windmills?

  4. I do have a proposal to solve your problems with the EPA.

    Emigrate to some other country where people are not so easily convinced by politicians and their flunkies. Now is the time to avoid the rush.

  5. You can be sure the NRDC likes the regulations because they helped write them. This activist group is #1 on the list of EPA grant recipients. They’re joined at the hip.

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