Medical Records Dispute in the UK

This is what we can anticipate will be the response of Government right here at home.

One thing well addressed in Obamacare is access to data and information. They will be very interested in controlling and snooping and such.

3 responses to “Medical Records Dispute in the UK

  1. The NHS tips its hand with the phrase “health and social care”. Health statistics can be useful to the advance of medicine, but what are “social care” statistics going to be used for?

  2. What did the good doctor expect from government-run centralized medicine? Honestly, I thought NIH already collected all of that data, personally identifying information included. Not that they should have done, in my opinion, I just state what I believed without researching the matter. Guess I wasn’t paying close enough attention.

  3. I don’t worry about hackers as much as political hacks.
    All those NGOs with fancy names that will mine data with the permission of bureaucrats and find things to be true that are not.

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