Public Health Bureaucrat Bullying–You Bet

Let’s imagine that I was a Politician and I said that money spent on Public Health bureaucracies could be better spent elsewhere.

Can I expect the people in matching t shirts to campaign against me? You Bet.

Just like the teachers try to control the school boards and public employee unions influence politicians and elections.

It’s political thuggery and the bigger government and public health bureaucracies get, the more that’s at stake.

Its like any advocacy, but this an advocacy group that is riding along on taxpayer money.

There are many who say that government worker associations and unions should be restricted, even prohibited from electioneering and financing campaigns.

It’s called a conflict of interest. They already have multiple pressure points to influence politics on their agendas.

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One response to “Public Health Bureaucrat Bullying–You Bet

  1. Perry was wrong to say only 3 departments need to be shut down.
    They ALL need to be shut down.
    Once the positions within them are gone, any useful federal department can be recreated with only the employees that pass muster by being non-partisan.

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