Limited Emissions Benefits from EDV’s

A study from N. C. State University shows few emissions benefits even from a sharp increase in EDV’s.Their models show even if plug-in electric and hybrid vehicle usage increased to 42% of all passenger vehicles the net emissions benefits would be negligible because of increased emissions from power plants to support the vehicles and passenger vehicles make up only 20% of CO2 emissions.

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3 responses to “Limited Emissions Benefits from EDV’s

  1. Gee, Bob, In California ewectwicity comes out of plug, like magic and its so clean and doesn’t have a carbon dioxide imprint.

    Must be another kind of ewectwicity in North Carolina.

    • Gee, John isn’t the electricity to power the EDV’s supposed to come from windmills and solar panels? What? That won’t work?

      I remember talking to a young engineer who’d taken a course where they were talking about this and the engineers were having trouble explaining the way things work to non-engineers. The non-engineers solution to pollution, climate change, whatever were EDV’s because “they were pollution free”. After immense effort, the engineers were finally able to convince their non-engineers that the power had to come from somewhere and, because windmills and solar panels weren’t a viable solution, conventional power plants were the only reliable power source for the electricity. That being the case, and all the inefficiency involved with transporting electricity (transformers, line loss, etc. and the inherent low efficiency of charging a battery), and the emissions from the power plants, EDV were not the answer. But to get the point of convincing the non-engineers was an almost impossible battle.

  2. I’ve seen a lot of “perpetual motion” machines on You Tube lately.
    We need to start using them to power these vehicles.
    (They must be able to overcome the conservation of energy law or they would not have turned off the comments.)

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