Sea Level Rise Moves North

Sea level rise predictions seem to be moving north.  In 2013 we had predictions of 3-5′ in North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland.  Now it seems to have moved to Rhode Island.Audiences at Salve Regina University were reportedly shocked by predictions of 3′ to 5′ sea level rise by 2100.

A number of estimates of sea level rise over the past few years have been about 3.3 mm/year.  I’ve seen some recent estimates as low as 1.8 mm/year.  A sea level rise of 3′-5′ by 2100 is 10.6-17.7 mm/year.   Should we see rapidly rising sea levels in 2014, or as some have suggested the rise will be logarithmic and it will all happen toward the end of the century.  In either way that’s a heck of a lot of ice to melt. 

I’ve seen a number of these predictions over the last year, starting in North Carolina and moving north.  They never seem to predict what rise we should see year-to-year, just it’s going to happen.  Some of the predictions have been over a much shorter time. 


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