Keystone XL Will Impact Climate Change?

So Sayeth the State Department

The pumping stations will be the equivalent of 300,000 cars or something like that.  The oil is the “worst kind” for refining, so says Scientific American.  Also, the picture of he refinery shows lots of billowing white clouds coming off the refinery.  The billowing smoke looks like condensed water vapor and the shot looks like a time-of-day dirtying.  This is the standard “we are going to show you pollution” photography.

The tar sands will be developed.  The oil/bitumen will be shipped to refineries by rail and by pipeline.  The question is where the pipeline goes and who refines it.  Perhaps the environmentalist expect the Canadians to shut down if the pipeline doesn’t go through the US.  How?  A good speech?

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3 responses to “Keystone XL Will Impact Climate Change?

  1. Desperation.

  2. They (by they, I mean Neil Young) are convinced that they can kill oil sands development and do it one step at a time. Basically the same slow death villification and moralization approach that every activist uses. Remind you of what they’re doing with coal, nuclear, hydro and even geo, or with guns or with tobacco and E-Cigarettes, or with automobiles, or with sugar, or with chemicals, or with …,, or with pets and agriculture, or with meat, or with capitalism, or with individualism? I’m sure Mr. Young feels self-gratified and reinforced by his own moral preening.

  3. Other relevant questions: Who will sell the oil? Who will buy the oil? And who will collect the oil taxes? The answers to these question will be furnished by the Little Red Hen who actually builds and runs it.

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