Caffeine: Use Disorder or Miracle Drug

Caffeine can be addictive and we now have a new malady for people who have difficulty reducing their caffeine intake: caffeine use disorder. And we need additional research on this newly found malady, says Professor Juliano.

If you search on the effects of caffeine or coffee, the results come back looking like it is a miracle drug.

I’m not sure how good the science on caffeine is, but we seem to be regularly reminded that it is either good or bad.  I’m sure that I’ve developed a permanent mug holding reflex and they will very likely pry that mug out of my cold, dead hands.

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9 responses to “Caffeine: Use Disorder or Miracle Drug

  1. I like the term “use disorder”. That’s a clever bit of double-speak for the little-known phenomenon of people not wanting to stop doing something they like. The term addiction is suffering from chronic overuse. People today idly claim to be addicted to bagels. “Use disorder” has a much nicer, clinical ring to it.

    There is no place in science for the terms “good” and “bad”. Science is about right or wrong, fact or fiction. The subjective terms “good” and “bad” are the hallmarks of philosophy and religion. “Bad for you” is the new “sin” in the religion of Health Consciousness. Like most large religions through history, health consciousness is based on the virtue of self-denial and the promised reward is long life.

    The legacy media is always down for a headline that seems to be of importance to the vast majority of people, and epidemiologists have an easy time finding correlations for a substance so widely used. Caffeine is a prime target for the sort of zealous transhumanists who believe the path to immortality is through restrictive diets.

  2. Pry the mug from your fingers? Only long enough to dress the body, I say. People are buried with their jewelry and other treasured things. And maybe there is coffee in heaven.

  3. It is an addiction I can live with.

  4. I’m still on a caffeine high over the study results that show no diuretic effect from caffeine.
    Iced tea for everyone!

    BTW, I have a use disorder.
    I keep eating food, even though so much of it is somehow bad for me.

  5. I drink coffee.
    I drink about 1-1/2 to 2 pots every day.
    I’ve been doing this for over 50 years (save my stint in boot camp).
    It does not disturb my sleep.
    It does not rot my teeth like the flavored phosphoric acid solutions they call ‘sodas’.
    It is non-alcoholic.
    It does not challenge my liver with artificial sweeteners.
    It does not contain herbs which might trigger an allergic reaction.
    It contains water that has been heated beyond the Pasteurization temperature so the various critters in tap water that get through whatever ‘purificaiton process’ the municipal water utility uses do not go to war with the ones already abiding within me.

  6. Caffeine killed my dad. He drank coffee all day long for his entire life (ate bacon with grits and red-eye gravy too). Finally got him when he was 93, or maybe it was global warming…..

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