Anti oxidant–Sound Good

Vit E bites the dust again.

I know there are those who still think Linus Pauling was right about Vit C.

I find that food supplement studies are so often just feel good observational studies, because the endpoints on a supplement study are hard to develop for reliable evidence.

You know, like what’s reliable about a poll? Why do social studies always smell of outcome bias and tunnel vision?

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2 responses to “Anti oxidant–Sound Good

  1. Jonathan Lizotte

    Really? A mouse study using alpha-tocopherol? Please . . . To pharma, alpha-tocopherol is vitamin E. In the real world, vitamin E is a mixture of alpha, beta, delta, gamma tococpherol, and tocotrienols.

    Want to see how “real” vitamin E acts on cancer. Search on tocotrienols and cancer in pubmed, or gamma tocopherol and cancer.

    I would expect more from Junk Science yet again I’m disappointed. How sad.

  2. (sorry for my english).

    NAC or vit E study doesn’t allow to conclude on the property of “anti oxidant” as a whole.
    There are litterally thousand of anti oxidant chemicals with a very wide range of biologic actions. Reacting with free radicals is a very tiny part of it.

    You should considere, for exemple, some of the 2300 studies published on curcumin and cancer…

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