Genetically Modified Food–a Wonderful Development

Here’s a vote in favor for GM foods from a former nut case.

I love these Road to Damascus Conversions. Strike me down, Lord, I am a green true believer and fanatic.

Norman Borlaug PhD agronomist saved the lives of millons with his GM type modifications of food crops.

That’s just for starters, since Norman worked a lifetime and didn’t get called the Father of the green revolution for nothing.

GM makes crops insect, and drought resistant.

We already covered the importance of Golden Rice, opposed by the goofs at Greenpeace who are sceeeerd of everything except the sound of their own noisy voices.

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3 responses to “Genetically Modified Food–a Wonderful Development

  1. Don’t forget that plentiful and cheap food is the bane of the green movement.
    They WANT famine, suffering, and war.
    They can then demand governments forcibly sterlise their people and otherwise oppress them into “population reduction” schemes as a “cure” for those conditions.
    That’s how they (and the US and European governments) have worked for over a century and a half now to bring about a world with a Master Race (and it ain’t Asian or black).

  2. That would then make sense from the standpoint of cheap corn syrup, etc. which is associated with runaway diabetes. And GM grain fed to stock is reported as causing sterility. Did you ever take a look at the video posted at The Panelist : The Real Winner in Iraq was Monsanto. Maybe you think there is nothing wrong with the manufacturer of Agent Orange controlling seeds.

    • I am not in the business of making something out of nothing.
      First, there is no evidence for cheap corn syrup causing diabetes. Get a grip, How can you expect me to take you seriously?

      Second, Monsanto was the real winner in the Iraq war could be one of the dumbest statements I have heard.

      How about civilization and the people who would otherwise be under the thumb of a crazy killer and his even crazier sons?

      You apparently are living in a very small world. Grow up and expand your knowledge. Iraq may have been a mistake, but not because of Monsanto, maybe because we had no idea how to crush a fanatic ideology that loves violence and death and terrorism for the goal of the World Wide Caliphate.

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