Cal Truckers Support Milloy Work on Air Pollution

Steve Milloy is a regular contributor to the public education and political advocacy work of the California Construction Trucking Association.

For many years now, Milloy and I have worked with Lee Brown, Exec, and Betty Plowman, Membership Sec as well as the members of the Cal Construction Truckers Association (CCTA) on air pollution/environemntal regulatory issues.

The Association publishes a monthly magazine California Transportation.

CCTA has been a supporter and ally of Jim Enstrom, Steve Milloy and others battling the California Agencies on air pollution regulatory overreach. I go back with them to 2007. The Battle in CA heated up in 2008.

Milloy and I as well as others have benefited from our alliance with CCTA and other business entities as well as individuals like Bill Davis and Skip Brown during these debates on air pollution regulations with the most fanatic environmentalists in the country.

California EPA and California Air Resources Board are emblematic of the crazy aggressiveness of enviros.

They are unhinged, and Milloy felt compelled to do some basic research in air pollution, ozone effects, and small particle effect as part of the effort–as a result we have compelling evidence that ozone and small particle air pollution aren’t harming anyone in California.

I am proud to be Milloy’s spear carrier.

3 responses to “Cal Truckers Support Milloy Work on Air Pollution

  1. Strong and compelling evidence. Has there been any response from CARB?

  2. The People’s Republik of Kalifornia needs to go on a no-CARB diet.

  3. What about the construction truckers go on strike for say 2-weeks to push the point home with the Kommissars ? Uh, I forgot the Kommissars have killed off construction in Kalifornia.

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