Pro Football Players Healthier–no big surprise

I get so mad when people take up a crusade based on cherry picked studies and lawyers with big mouths.

The NFL risk managers should be ashamed of themselves, encouraging whining by spoiled ex celebs, as well as barratry and pettifoggery.

In Medical Studies good outcomes in sub groups is sometimes attributed to what is called the healthy worker factor.

So Brett Favre says he thinks he is suffering from pre-senile dementia–2 years from the time when he could memorize and understand a pro offense? Really Brett, shame on you. As for the president saying he wouldn’t let a son play football–how about soccer?

Head injuries and Traumatic Brain Injury crusading has become a big deal and some of the crusading is based on junk medical inquiries and exaggerated or uncontrolled reporting.

There is a lot of junk science. Often the “victims” have no measurable objective evidence of brain injury at all but behavioral problems or memory and concentration problems. Often they have cofactors like psych problems.

That magical and elusive line between pscyhiatry and neurology still evades our ability to create certainty.

When I was a med student I was taught by a fine neurologist who was obligated in his training to be qualified as a psychiatrist.

He didn’t like psychiatry and devoted himself to neurology. His choice. Real medicine versus an “art” like psych.

So in a psych/neuro area of inquiry add secondary gain factor, called green poultice, when possible pensions and awards are in play.

Junk Science and purposeful deceptions–hard to distinguish.

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One response to “Pro Football Players Healthier–no big surprise

  1. What are the stats for Rugby players? I haven’t heard much ado about concussions from football without pads. They tackle a bit differently. My little girl played Rugby in college. No concussions, all her teeth and ears look normal.

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