Twisted Thinking from Windy People

I think you will see the irony in this nonsense from the left.

2 responses to “Twisted Thinking from Windy People

  1. Those are not the rambling words of a sane individual….what kind of an idiot would even say such a ridiculous thing. Wind turbines drive jobs away in droves. Any idiot knows that. They are obviously lying through their teeth, hoping someone is dumb enough to believe them.

  2. We are seeing this in the People’s Republik of Kalifornia concerning projects like the “High Speed Rail” debacle.
    Lefties put these laws on the books in order to thwart evil, greedy conservatives trying to make a decent profit or use the land they supposedly own.
    Why are they shocked when we use them too (like all those lefty millionaires that stopped East Coast wind farms)?

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