Another Sex Change, “Andy” had a baby.

Mona Charen on Andy Inkster, who recently gave birth to a daughter.

And I think Charen makes a pretty good point about the sexual revolution and how it jeopardizes the family and domestic order.

I am reading CS Lewis on Morality and he emphasizes that the study of the implications of Natural Law does help us to find good and bad, vice and virtue.

Here below Charen tallies up the damage from the sexual revolution. Not a pretty thing. Children don’t do well when families lose importance and status. But note the comment that married men tend to do better and live longer–something about the influence of a good woman, even for us wannabe outlaws.

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3 responses to “Another Sex Change, “Andy” had a baby.

  1. Doubting Thomas

    It’s like those mail order car kit ads in the old magazines. You can try to make your car look like a Porsche on the outside, but on the inside it’s still a VW bug.

  2. Yes. I had a big discussion once on this one. Whether one is male or female, gay “without knowing it” etc. etc. It gets down to what you are born with (ovaries or not for example). Some have the chance to decide at the actual time of conception what sex they want to be (yes there is already for some a “conscious” will and choice). As life progresses there are people who will wish to convert or convince you to be one way or another. Yes, it does happen. A gay club can soon convince an unsure newcomer that he/she is “gay”. The reason is that we are all, potentially, bisexual. Most of us are by nature heterosexual. Wilfred Thesinger found no homosexuality among the desert Arab (Bedu) nomads in his years of experience – despite no females with them for months on end, and being alone in the wilderness, Young boys sometimes experiment, but that is usually a passing phase. As I say – we can all be bi if the circumstance arises. It is ultimately a “moral or religious” choice. But yes, you can be converted to “love” the male body rather than the female. Fact.

  3. Westchester Bill

    Back in the 1970’s, if my memory is correct, sex change operations were done at John Hopkins. The idea was that fellows seeking the operation were extremely unhappy as males and sex change would relieve their distress. Investigators at Hopkins carefully measured the psychological states of patients before and after the operation. To their surprise the newly formed ladies were no happier than the pre-operation lads.

    I wonder why sex change became a human right. It is expensive. There is a cadre of non expert experts that have a deleterious impact on policy. Lead nuts, for example, tried to ban bicycles because of brass in tire valves and fire hydrants because of brass fittings. The jihad against plastics is insane. One serious problem with Obamacare is that Senator Grassley reneged on his promise to work on the legislation and let the preventative medicine nuts too much influence.

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