Organic Chemistry Sounds Scary

As in the case of 4 methyl-cyclohexane methanol, organic chemistry sounds really really scary.

Here’s a fine exercise for your favorite Chemophobe, similar to the annual Thangsgiving Dinner list that is put out by the American Council on science and Health.

This time just a great discussion by an Australian chem teacher.

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5 responses to “Organic Chemistry Sounds Scary

  1. That’s where you get confused. Organic foods contain organic chemicals. And as we know, anything organic is good for you. Foods that aren’t organic contain high carbon chemicals. And as we know, carbon is pollution, so high carbon foods are not good for you. Free range eggs, blueberries and bananas are best because they contain really low carbon organic chemicals.

  2. Free range bananas ???

    • My daughter teaches Ecology at a junior college. One of her students answered “free range coffee” to ecological ways to grow coffee, so we figured that bananas would better if they were free range.

      • It really is sad to see all those little coffees crammed into pens. If only more people knew the horrors Juan Valdez has visited upon these poor creatures. COFFEES ARE PEOPLE TOO!

  3. Organic chemistry was scary. At my school it was believed that organic chemistry was a weeding course at the sophomore level. Of course they also believed that Freshman chemistry was a weeder and feeder to draft boards. At the Junior level Physical Chemistry started with “Gentlemen, this is the high point of our relationship, look left, look right, neither of those people will be here at the end of the semester.” That chemistry stuff is really scary.

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