Shootings Research

A new study on mass shootings–debunks some junk science conclusions promoted in the press.

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4 responses to “Shootings Research

  1. I question the conclusion that armed guards are not a deterrent based on the inability of the guards to protect every student. Do you not protect any if you can’t protect all? A majority of these shootings are at places with no armed guards.

    • I concur. I’m most put off by politicians and other rich people putting forth the assertion that allowing guns in school is a ridiculous notion when their children are protected by armed guards 24/7. Moreover, the armed guards at schools tend to be obvious targets to be taken by surprise before the spree begins. You don’t have to be a NAVY Seal, or even a great Halo player to figure that one out. Concealed weapons in the possession of trained personnel could be more effective.

      However, I agree with the author on this one. It’s a non-problem on a national scale. I can’t support drastic measures even if they do “save just one child”. Utopia will never exist. Here in the real world we have to learn to live with acceptable losses. The occurrence of psychopaths, or whatever the current technical term is for someone who thinks killing a bunch of people and then themselves is a good idea, would seem to be a statistical inevitability for any population of sufficient scale. I wish luck to the people working on solving the convoluted problems of treating the insane mind, but preemptive measures all seem a tad Orwellian to me.

      • I prefer my grandchildren go to schools with armed “Resource Officers”, which they do.
        Certainly a different world than when I went to school. A good percentage of the male teachers were WWII and Korea vets. Who knows how many of them carried. Most of the boys carried pocket knives. My high school had a storage locker for those who didn’t want to leave hunting rifles and shot guns in their cars. My brother-in-law bought a shot gun from his 7th grade shop teacher first period, lugged it from class to class and onto the bus home. No one got the vapors and we had no shootings.
        Welcome to the Brave New World we have now.

  2. I have a friend, was Army, now reserves, First physician on the scene at the Luby’s Shooting that killed more than 20 about 20 years ago.
    He got interested in shooting incidents and got access to FBI files and started just going through the investigation records.

    He put together a program for law enforcement on how to handle incidents–cover, security, and actual workshops with scenarios.

    He told me–run away froma knife, run toward a gun with some cover and distraction like furniture, and hopefully some help.

    Kinda like the boys over Pennsylvania on 9-11.

    Todd Beamer, what a man.

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