Follow the Money on Fracking and Pipeline Debates

All this anti fracking advocacy–and anti Keystone XL pipeline agitation certainly is funded by someone.

Here’s some stuff to consider on the fracking debate. Saudis have a dog in the fight.

On the Saudi concern about fracking.

My friend Joe Herring from Omaha writes about the Buffett connection on the pipeline opposition.

Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway owns the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad that moves the Bakken crude and would move any north south transport of crude from Canada. He doesn’t want a pipeline.

And Bill Gates is the biggest shareholder in the Canadian National (CN) Railroad that will transport tar sands crude to refineries if there is no pipeline.

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8 responses to “Follow the Money on Fracking and Pipeline Debates

  1. It always comes to this. Its a wonder that anyone is still surprised. I’m still waiting for my check from Big Oil.

  2. The Buffet connection to rail shipments has been known for quite a while. I wonder why the pro-pipeline folks have been so quiet about it. Obama supporting his friends would seem to make quite a campaign issue, wouldn’t it, Mr. Romney?

  3. Rail shipments pollute more than Pipelines. And shipping ND and Canadian crude, with LPG’s and explosive liquids, in RR cars not designed for these shipments is putting the public at risk. Also grain dust is explosive too. POTUS is not coming down on the side of SAFETY.

    • No coal. No oil. No nuclear. And no natural gas. These Gaia-worshipping Malthusians must want everyone dead, or freezing at the least.

      • I can’t find fault with your logic. If not dead, they’re at least interested in the maintenance of a permanent peasant class. Dig a bit deeper and you see a lot of connections between the current spate of progressives and old fashioned eugenics. If someone truly believes that overpopulation is the greatest imminent threat to humanity, then they have a moral obligation to reduce the population. If they’re going to do that, then the next obvious step is to divide the world into desireables and undesireables.

    • The railcars in use ARE designed to carry these items. And they usually do just fine. Some of the recent incidents have made some changes, already in process for the most part, come about sooner. Yes, rail is less efficient for several reasons, but they are a bit more flexible than pipelines. And trucks are less efficient but more flexible than rail. We need them all.

  4. Green: The color of OPEC money.

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