I’m Toxic, Hand me the Detox Stuff

This is a very lucid discussion of another junkscience scam–detoxing.

Detoxing is a health food supplement type scam that pretends to eliminate something bad–kinda like purging and cleansing enemas. Nonsense.


10 responses to “I’m Toxic, Hand me the Detox Stuff

  1. We had a similar cure-all, when I was a young child. We wrote CV on our arms. It stood for cootie vaccination. We thought it really worked, but then, we were young and naive. The adults really should know better.

  2. Scott Scarborough

    I always considered these “detoxes” the same as how you prepare for a colonoscopy. The stuff always makes me sick and doesn’t work.

  3. Laxatives seem to be the big money getter based on advertising. We’ve been buying various snake oils with magical properties forever.
    I believe a good single malt is the best detoxifier made. If it doesn’t really detoxify, you can at least enjoy the medicine.

  4. The problem is that people with legitimate illness or debilitating disease are often short of extra cash. The solution is to sell medical treatment to healthy people.

  5. When Space tourism “takes off”, exiting the airlock sans space suit will be the ultimate detox.
    All the bad stuff will leave your system.

  6. ^ LOL apparently it’s a send-up ;)

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