Monckton Demonstrates

There are two speeches from the last ten years that stand out in my mind.

One was the speech Tony Blair gave to the Joint Session of Congress–why did I have to wait for a Brit to explain the greatness of America?

Then a few years ago Chris Monckton, Viscount of Brenchley, another Brit, gave a wonderful speech at one of the Heartland Climate Conferences and I got really misty and choked up to hear him talk with such affection about my homeland and its people.

Maybe there is something in the air and the water, or maybe its proximity to the source of the English language that makes Brits so eloquent and inspiring, so here’s Monckton again, recommended by one of our JunkScience participants whose handle (trucker talk there) is Smokey. Thanks Smokey, for the tip.

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One response to “Monckton Demonstrates

  1. How refreshing to read such simple yet basic truth’s – surely the sensible in this world must fight back the tide of idiotasy expounded by the so called ‘saviours’ of our world!

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