WHO is Apolitical–Really?

Tibet is a 1984 non entity.

Hard to get attention or status when you are diminished as an entity and persecuted by a huge commie country that sits on the Security Council.

The Dalai Lama, remember him? Religious and political iconic figure, thought by Tibetans to be a deity. Not so the Chinese.

So here is an example of why I don’t trust the World Health Organization, or any UN entity involved in politically charged issues.

The UN is a debating society dominated by tyrannies. Ok? Got it??

Consider this little conflict about a TB Hospital sponsored by dissidents or refugees/emigres/exiles.

See how it plays out.


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4 responses to “WHO is Apolitical–Really?

  1. This is what history thinks of Dalai Lama’s. Friendly Feudalism: The Tibet Myth http://www.michaelparenti.org/Tibet.html

    • There were also things wrong with Cambodia before Pol Pot. But that’s rather beside the point. The UN is about siding with one tyranny over another. Less than optimal, to use Obama’s words. And don’t forget that religion is only one version of ideology and one source of power. People are killed for control, not for the justifications for it. Marx has always been jealous of God.

      • that’s a very ifffy comparison, since there is a new different regime in cambodja. The Dalai Lama still represents the same priest caste. Imho China did the Tibetans a big favor.

  2. The WHO is driven by politics. Not surprised that they would do this.

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