When even Russian and Chinese icebreakers give up on you…

A Russian “research vessel” (term in quotes to rekindle memories of all those “fishing trawlers” they used to run, which were under observation by all those US “weather planes”…)..
Anyway, it seems there’s a Russian ship which was sailing to Antarctica as part of a recreation of “Sir Douglas Mawson’s footsteps into Commonwealth Bay“. It’s gotten trapped by super duper thick ice.

No one’s at immediate risk, but in spite of Al Gore’s claims, the ice has been so unyielding that the ship can’t move, and even a Chinese icebreaker can’t get to it..

Naturally the researchers are claiming that this increase in ice is due to AGW. No doubt they’d claim a decrease in ice would also be due to AGW. Or if it had stayed the same.

The last schedule was that some Australian icebreakers would get through on Sunday, as in today. As in… since Australia is umptity hours ahead of UCT and more hours ahead of US time zones… as in hours ago. No updates posted yet to Twitter.

At least they’ve got plenty of hot chocolate. No word on any St. Bernards bringing them brandy.

more info: http://www.news.com.au/national/stricken-russian-ship-mv-akademik-shokalskiy-with-aussie-scientists-aboard-is-playing-the-waiting-game-in-antarctica/story-fncynjr2-1226791671102

or: http://goo.gl/0hSPzZ

4 responses to “When even Russian and Chinese icebreakers give up on you…

  1. If the ice problem is due to global warming….shouldn’t they have known it would be an issue, and stayed away, or is global warming now responsible for any weather patters at all, good, bad, or somewhere in the middle? Enough is enough. These people are idiots, plain and simple. IGNORE THEM….let them freeze!

  2. And this is SUMMER in the Antarctic! Wait until winter hits. That ship is toast. I hope it gets crushed like a pop can. Fools. You can’t fix stupid.

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