Danish Pastries? not so fast…..

[NPR report]

Cinnamon swirls are beloved in Denmark, but recent testing by the Danish government found many of these rolls had more of the spice than allowed by European health guidelines. Now bakers may have to change their time-tested recipes. Too much cinnamon? Yes, there is such a thing.

rest: http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2013/12/25/256602581/when-is-cinnamon-spice-not-so-nice-the-great-danish-debate

5 responses to “Danish Pastries? not so fast…..

  1. I always triple the amount in my rolls.

  2. Scott Scarborough

    I guess they should ban peanuts. Some people die immediately upon eating one.

  3. Some people “could” develop problems if they were sensitive to coumarin and if they consumed enough. I didn’t notice any statistics showing any health problems from the cinnamon. The precautionary principle at work.
    Coumarin has been around as a known chemical for almost 200 years and has been in foods. Are they planning to ban or limit consumption of strawberries? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coumarin

  4. If there’s a problem between you and food, it’s you with the problem.

  5. Cinnamon contains coumarin (bad: liver toxin) and cinnamaldehyde (good: reduces serum glucose in diabetics). Both effects are reported in separate studies at doses of 1-5 grams/person/day. There is little evidence that consuming cinnamon either makes someone sick or cures any disease.
    Mostly there is evidence that some researchers want to find something bad with cinnamon and some want to find something good with it.
    Of course regulators simply want to regulate.

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