Stand Up Coal People

Tim Ball is an environmental scientist of great repute and on the front lines of the battle with the green thugs.

He asserts that the Coal industry has to start fighting back. No doubt, they have been mugged and dragged for providing affordable clean electricity. Damn shame such a fine bunch of people would suffer from the eco politics arrayed against the coal production and electricity generation business.

There is no doubt in my mind that coal is an important part of the picture, coal plants are efficient and clean and all the business about carbon dioxide has been shown to be a house of cards built on a fanatic attitude.

One thing that continues to irritate me is the pictures with the plumes of water vapor. Even our allies do that–water vapor, boy that’s a terrible pollutant, and CO 2 is tasteless, odorless, invisible and an essential part of our ecology–the more the better for food production and drought resistance. More CO2 and maybe my pasture would perk up.

I say in 10 years we will want some warming and we will regret any efforts to mitigate Green House Gases. There is no doubt carbon dioxide increases food production and we can ignore the hand wringing ubanite comfortable lefties.

Do us 1st worlders have a right to withold progress for the 3rd? Electricity is so important to a good infrastructure. Try to live after an ice storm takes down the lines–then you’ll get the picture, unless you bought a big generator.

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4 responses to “Stand Up Coal People

  1. Tell Santa, “This year, we ALL want coal in our stockings!!! LOL!!!

  2. Maybe the coal industry leaders are simply dumb? It is an extremely hi-tech and competent industry, but in practice, one does not become a leader in any industry owing to his technical competence. Leaders are all politicians. Maybe they are all just as dumb as Obama and are even more inept that he is in pursuing their interests? Do they even recognise what their interests are?

  3. mitigatedsceptic

    Coal had better wake up to the attack on their share values by the green lobby who have targeted pension funds to put coal, gas and oil into the unethical category. Inciting Pensioner Trustees to pervert their objectives in this way is itself unethical but who really cares?

  4. The green lobby and the entrenched anti-coal greenies in the government have the megaphone. How often do you hear “coal” without having or thinking “dirty” before it? Politicians, even from coal producing states, don’t seem to be particularly supportive of the coal industry except during elections. I give you Virginia’s senators, both former governors. Soothing words for the folks back home and reliable anti-coal votes and reliable supporters of EPA excesses.
    The utilities aren’t much better. They are terrified of the greenies saying “boo” and want zero bad press. Besides, they can pass their costs on to the consumer. So, why shouldn’t they be “green”, it costs them very little.
    Coal is also fighting relatively cheaper natural gas. At least NG can be transported easily, leaves no residues that have to be managed and produces emissions that are easy and less costly to control.
    Coal is a great, abundant and relatively cheap source of energy. The coal companies do need to fight back big time.

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