Shocking, Shocking, EPA Muzzling Scientists?

The EPA is muscling members of one of its advisory committees?

We would like to see more about this, like who was muzzled?

This is most likely about the carbon sequester silliness, claims that the technology was a go, when it’s too expensive and impractical.

Even well mannered EPA scientists said it was silly to claim that carbon sequester was a go. It isn’t now and likely not in the foreseeable future.

This news was forwarded to me by my friend and colleague, Jerry Arnett, pulmonologist from West Virginny, expert on research related to air pollutants.

Jerry is shocked too, to hear of EPA manipulation of scientific inquiry. Hard to explain when they own the research community on air pollution and regulation. You’d think the EPA would be able to pull the chain and get its advisors to sit up straight.

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4 responses to “Shocking, Shocking, EPA Muzzling Scientists?

  1. No one but a galloping fool could believe that we could send the CO2 from a smokestack, bury it underground and still have a net gain of energy for the power plant.
    Bird Grinders are truly stupid, but this one takes the cake.

  2. Young trees are fantastic sequesters.
    Let’s chop down some old, worn out trees and replace them with many seedlings.
    The really big old ones on the west coast are hardly doing the job these days.

  3. The surest sign that something is a lie is the great anger and outrage spewed upon anyone that dares to question it and the frantic effort to silence anyone that threatens to expose it.

  4. I am not at all surprised that it has come to this. EPA has always had a “circle the wagons” mentality when it comes to opinions that differ from whatever top (political) management wants to push. Some of the science advisory groups are required to include political shills that will shout down any opinion not politically correct (oh, not openly called political shills, of course). EPA, of course, will deny this, but I’ve seen it with my own eyes. The advisory groups are rarely truly balanced.

    As far as internally, there are quite a few honest scientists in EPA, but right now most are trying not to become targets, so they don’t get too loud with their opinions these days. This sort of thing happens in both Democrat and Republican administrations, of course, but in my opinion, this administration has taken things to a completely new level. If your “science” agrees with the administration’s, you will go far. If it doesn’t, be prepared to be demoted. And yes, I’ve seen that happen with my own eyes, too.

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