Give Me Your Children Says the Statist

Charles Battig, a physician and essayist on environmental and other policy issues, provides an excellent critique of what is going on in our schools that can’t teach kids to read and figure, but they sure can teach them the propaganda of the lefty enviros.

Where does one start? How can we stop this train wreck of junk science well financed and executed by government agencies and the public school system teachers who are sheeple. They would teach kids that carbon dioxide is a poison just to push the enviro agenda.

Battig discusses here the fraudulent and deceptive green projects in schools. And these kids are getting an education? John Dewey woud be proud of these projects in agit prop. Teaching kids how to be True Believers.

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2 responses to “Give Me Your Children Says the Statist

  1. I’m far too old for kids, but some of my younger friends tell me this story. Their kids get beat up with this nonsense every day. Wasted effort on solutions that won’t work for problems that don’t exist. Who cares if they can’t add or spell?

  2. Our Public Schools ceased educating our children decade ago. Their only goal is to produce compliant, ignorant masses to follow them over the cliff.

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