update: Senate overules EPA with… some common sense. (stop laughing)

Back in mid November, Junk Science reported on the EPA’s sudden mandate to pretty much block any new fire hydrant installations/repairs due to their hysteria over lead.
Sen. Schumer [D-NY} pushed through a law yesterday exempting the hydrants.

original JS post:


Schumer’s press release:


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6 responses to “update: Senate overules EPA with… some common sense. (stop laughing)

  1. Still laughing though… :-)

  2. I’m trying, I’m trying, but it is just too funny. Those guys at the EPA really crack me up.

  3. considering it was Schumer beind this, surely The End Times are near.

  4. Let’s be honest here.
    If the EPA was doing this to Pittsburgh or Omaha or somewhere else in fly-over country, Schumer would be supporting the EPA every step of the way.
    Schumer is no supporter of limited government or common sense.

  5. Not laughing, checking the calendar to see if it is April 1.

  6. Even when they are right the left is wrong.
    Schumer just created a “protected class” of plumbing rather than ditch the stupidity of over restrictive lead regulations.

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