Sailing in the Arctic?

Goddard is a real treasure.

What the hell is this–sailing in the Arctic during the Medieval Warming.

Knock me down, and knock Michael Mann down while you’re at it.

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3 responses to “Sailing in the Arctic?

  1. Just a rumor, Nobel prizes were given for showing it didn’t happen. And the Arctic was supposed to be ice free this year, much to the chagrin of a number of yachtsmen who decided to sail the NW Passage.

  2. My day would be complete if some of those yachtsmen were stuck in the ice and eaten by the “now extinct” polar bears.
    If you enjoyed Timothy Treadwell, you would love this.

  3. As a (VERY) casual student of literature and history, I am fascintated by the apparent parallels between the stories, legends and mythology of the medieval Norse, and the records we have today showing large swings in the climate which they would have witnessed.

    It seems reasonable to suggest that those who sailed open Arctic waters and grew wine grapes on Greenland would have understood intimately just how closely related are warmth and light and Life, and in turn, cold and dark and Death. Given the cyclical nature of their mythology, one could even guess that they understood culturally how cyclical the climate of their world was, beyond mere seasonal variation.

    “Guess,” “seems,” “apparent…” I know, and I get it. But still. Fascinating.

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