Alternative Energy Killers

Marita Noon is a reliable and effective writer, regular columnist at Town Hall, lecturer and ally fighting goofy environmentalism and warming issues.

She also is a bird lover like most of us hard bitten conservatives. What’s not to love about a raptor, even a little finch?

This essay digs into the scandal of hypocrisy that is modern enviro nuttiness on alternative sources. Proof that political agendas produces some really big lies.

Let’s see, should we give bird kill quota permits and look the other way on wildlife damage for an unreliable intermittent source of energy that requires running back up with gas plants, for example.

Solar and biomass aren’t exactly a magical answer, either for many reasons founded in science and economics, and the only alternative energy that is really good, cheap and efficient is hydro, but now we have campaigns to blow up dams and go back to nature.

5 responses to “Alternative Energy Killers

  1. From a purely “environmental” view, hydroelectric dams are the worst source of energy when measuring energy produced divided by acres of land disturbed. The artificial lake created is the clearest-cut example of habitat change. Nuclear is the best from this standpoint because a large buffer zone around the plant actually creates a wildlife refuge free from urban sprawl or even campers. Of course, seeing how well-adapted all the current wildlife is to the dams in existence, tearing them down would just be another massive destruction of habitat in the other direction. That fact is obvious enough to cement my belief that the activists don’t really care about all the fish that live in the lake, and other animals that live off of them, or about the animals downstream that would be inundated. They masochistically hate mankind and despise dams because they are monuments to our greatness.

    • The problem with nuke plant buffer zones is that they tend to be managed to keep a clear view of anyone trying to sneak in.
      They also aren’t really that large compared to the total wild areas in a given state.
      Water storage doesn’t have to be astraddle the stream that feeds it, but no one seems to think of doing it differently than it has always been done.
      Even if it is on the stream, lakes occur naturally.
      So make the reservoir more like a natural lake.
      And we NEED more water (and for everyone to have meters).

      Then there are Pebble Bed Reactors.
      Safer; scalable; fuel designed for safer disposal.
      Of course 90% of environMENTALists don’t even know what the latest reactor designs are like because it is hard science stuff, not the easy to digest lies they are fed by their masters..

  2. Molten Salt Reactors can’t blow up, melt down, make weapons, are walk away safe and can solve the nuclear waste storage issue.

  3. The government will do everything in its power to preserve species! Except when they don’t.

  4. Probably being taught in an elementary school near you:
    “If a hunter shoots a bird, the bird is hurt, it dies and all the other birds and animals are sad at its loss.
    If a windmill chops a bird to pieces, all the birds and animals are happy and sing praises of how wonderful it is to die so peacefully.”

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