Antarctic Record Cold

The ice storm is our problem, imagine the problems for the Penguins? And here is something to consider, this record was set during the Southern Hemisphere summer. (Corrrection, the record reports were not current, but from older winter time down at the south pole.

I apologize.)

And it is 50 degrees below anything seen up our way. Maybe Siberia gets to -135.

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8 responses to “Antarctic Record Cold

  1. Read it again, more carefully when you come to the part about the dates. I believe you will find that the temperatures referenced were recorded in first, August and then in July of a later year.

    That’s just after mid-winter down under.

    • that is correct. thanks.

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  2. The record was set in June and only reported now – so it was actually in Southern hemisphere Winter.

  3. The coldest temperature recorded in the Northern Hemisphere was recorded on a thermometer that was left on top of mount Logan in Canada, by mountain climbers and recovered the next spring.

    “On May 26, 1991 a record -77.5 °C (-106.6 °F) was observed, making it the coldest recorded temperature outside of Antarctica. (It is not counted as the coldest temperature in North America since it was recorded at a very high altitude.)”

  4. Amazing how many low temperature readings don’t count when it comes to “global average temperature”. This is not truly a record low per se, but rather the first reading of a winter low for the location. Prior to the satellite data there were no winter temperature readings for the area described exactly because it’s too cold to measure the traditional way. Hopefully satellite proxy temps can be proven reliable so we can leave behind the flawed notion of averaging random surface stations that only measure a tiny fraction of the Earth’s surface. Last I checked there are only about 70 research stations on Antarctica which works out to one every 77,214 square miles. Of course that’s not accurate either as many stations are much closer to one another. Not exactly the most robust sample set to draw conclusions about the average temperature. Then you have to factor in the observation error created by building research stations in the most optimal locations and thus failing to measure the coldest areas by design. How anyone can call themselves a “scientist” after claiming to KNOW all there is to know about the climate is a mystery.

  5. I like the part about running naked in -100 but -135.8 is too cold for that. I have to agree with them but think that they missed too cold by at least 175 or so.

  6. Bob

    They are referring to a practice, common in Scandinavian countries, where a person takes a sauna and then jumps in the lake or rolls in the snow. The Russian do that at Vostok.

    They are referring to a practice, common in Scandinavian countries, where a person takes a sauna and then jumps in the lake or rolls in the snow. The Russian do that at Vostok.

  7. Funny, the comment in the next to last paragraph that states, “it only points to one place on earth, not anything globally”, to which I would agree. Something tells me if it were the hottest temperature every recorded, say in the Mojave Desert, we would be hearing all about Global Climate Change

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