Driessen Goes Downtown

Paul Driessen writes a regular column for Townhall, and is an ally of those who propose sensible policy on energy and environment issues. He and I agree with few quibbles.

He is a spokesperson and writer for Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) that pushes back on fanatic enviros with a particular emphasis on the negative impact of environmentalist nonsense on the welfare of 3rd World people.

Here is is Driessen’s perfect pitch description of the current situation linked below. An essay at the web site Townhall.com this week.

I read closely to see if Driessen would say something I might disagree with because that’s what all us skeptics do, don’t we?

Driessen never missed a beat or hit a sour note.

I had an aunt who had perfect pitch. She played organ for her church in Emmetsburg, Iowa. My family was musical. Tell the person with perfect pitch to sing a note on the scale and they know the pitch in their head. I have been playing music since I was little and I can’t do it, so to me it is special.

Driessen has perfect pitch on the environmental issues, from what I see in this essay, born of his serious scholarship and effort. I used to find some places where I could disagree–not on this essay. He deserves your attention.

My, my it’s nice to see a well done essay that gets the science and the politics straight, very insightful.


One response to “Driessen Goes Downtown

  1. It is a great article, but it is preaching to the choir. The environmental zealots will not hear it. I think we are going to see quite a run on anti-carbon rule making in and whatever the senate can do in the next year, just as a hedge on turning the senate Republican. With the ability to pack the DC court, Obama is now unchecked.

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