Damn the Nannies–Eat “Toxins”for Thanksgiving

Every year the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) publishes a fine rendition on why toxicology by the EPA is Junk Science for sure every year for he holidays.

If one paid attention to the fools on the hill at places like the Harvard factory for panic by Willett and Ascherio–there would be nothing but degraded mush to eat for Thanksgiving and the Holidays.

But we humans have to live and we have to eat to live well, and we have to eat really good Thanksgiving meals to be made happy souls who not only live well but live with gusto and a twinkle in our eye.

The ACSH always provides us with a perspective on the alleged toxic nature of our food. And they point out, very cogently that anything is a toxin in excessive doses–even water.

I am a doctor–trust me and say your grace, and eat what yo momma told you was good, cause it is. ACSH is right, EPA and the Harvard nannies are pathetic cargo cult scientists, who promote food scares for their own peculiar academic and research funding benefit.

Bon appetit.

Happy Thanksgiving and wishes for many more from JunkScience.com.


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4 responses to “Damn the Nannies–Eat “Toxins”for Thanksgiving

  1. And a Happy Thanksgiving to you. I asked the boss if our Thanksgiving dinner had toxins and she said I’d have to add my own since she wasn’t cooking special for me.

  2. Many years ago, Joe Jackson recorded a song “Everything causes cancer”. And you will die. Eventually. So I ate a bunch of those nasty things for dinner today. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  3. Bentonite soup made with distilled water is acceptable.

  4. There’s an ad about a product where you can pronounce all the ingredients. But at what level? If the ingredient is “milk”, milk is a chemical mixture of many things in solution and in suspension. “Sugar” is a very simple chemical but is allegedly evil. “Strawberries” contain a myriad of components, many of which would be hard to pronounce.
    Our bodies are marvelous things. We can take in food with many things hooked on that we can’t use or that would actually be harmful; our bodies absorb almost all that is useful and sequesters almost all that is not. Then we “open up like a purse”, as some medieval theologian said but I wasn’t going to look up whom, and we remove what we cannot use.
    It seems possible that the toxins in our food eventually contribute to aging and death; aging and death go slower than they used to and they come to all except those who die young.

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