Putting up a windmill? Watch out for birds and birdbrain bureaucrats

Duke Energy has been installing windmill farms in numerous areas, including Wyoming. It seems that when birds hit the twirling blades, the results are pretty one sided.
Quoting from a Duke press release: “Duke Energy Renewables, a commercial business unit of Duke Energy, today announced it has reached a settlement agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) regarding the deaths of golden eagles and other migratory birds at two of Duke Energy’s wind generation sites in Wyoming.”

“The DOJ brought misdemeanor charges under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) for 14 golden eagle mortalities within the past three years at Duke Energy’s Top of the World Windpower Project and Campbell Hill Windpower Project near Casper, Wyo.

“Golden eagles are not listed as threatened or endangered under U.S. law. However, they are protected under the MBTA.”
In addition to a million dollar fine, they agree to shut down the windmills whenever these birds are in the area. Oh, and
“Installing and testing new radar technology to assist in the detection of airborne eagles on or near the site, which was developed from the same technology used in Afghanistan to monitor incoming missiles”
more details: http://www.duke-energy.com/news/releases/2013112203.asp

14 responses to “Putting up a windmill? Watch out for birds and birdbrain bureaucrats

  1. 24 hr. surveillance cameras should be installed in homes close to the turbines, to monitor the bird and bat kills, and get accurate numbers for a change. You cannot trust the wind industry to police themselves. The have been less than honest at every opportunity! A zoom lens, with infrared would do the job nicely. It is a task, that is long overdue!

  2. Good point Chev.. I been wondering who removes the bodies and if the counts are accurately recorded.

  3. The Duke Turbines are only representative of the fixed and certain damage the turbines cause to birds. The Government intent to to erect ten of thousands of Turbines. That large number will guarantee the death of many millions of birds annually – including hawks, ducks, geese, swan and others as well as billions of small birds like Humming birds, wrens and other songbirds.

  4. Think of all the money the government can collect from those evil energy companies for bird kills. Also, if you have to turn off the generators every time there is a bird in the area, then you will need more generators to make up for the loss in electricity since we will be 100% renewable. Besides, Duke can charge the ratepayers for these fines and higher operating expenses.

  5. Happy the govt. finally agrees with me. Four years ago, I called these things “Bird Grinders” after physically visiting a site off Rt. 33 in Virginia. I was much maligned for the remark. Now, not a peep.

  6. It would be nice to know which politically connected companies are erecting and running these bird and bat Cuisinarts, and how much they contribute and to which politicians. This is crony fascism at its worst, and we taxpayers and ratepayers are taking it in the neck, along with the sliced animals.

    • It doesn’t actually grind the bats. The bats get close and the pressure differential caused by the blades causes their lungs to collapse, and they choke to death. Don’t need a direct hit on a bat to kill it with these Cuisine Arts.

  7. 1957chev: You cannot trust the US Fish and Wildlife to give accurate numbers either.

  8. So, the trick is to get a loan or grant; build a bunch of phony windmills; then shut the whole thing down because you “saw eagles”, then walk with the money

  9. If you build windmills in Virginia, you have to account for all the winged critters you might mash and keep checking even if you don’t find any in your area the first time.

    • I am sure a lot of foxes, coyotes, and wild cats are hanging around just ready to grab the free lunch, and then those birds are attributted to critter catch. Look fluffy caught a golden eagle again, bad fluffy, bad fluffy.

  10. Report on Drudge tells about bald eagles dying and USFWS doesn’t know what is causing it. Maybe if the dummies would look up they would see the monster wind turbines and be able to put 2 and 2 together. They have probably been told by Dingy Harry to see nothing if they want to keep their jobs.
    Funny when I was permitting projects we had to maintain a 1,500 ft radius around an eagle nest during the nesting season; even after the eagle was delisted. They are still protected under federal laws; except under green energy projects.

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