Anti American Indian lawsuit filed by attorney generals of NE states

We talked about collusive lawsuits last week.

Here’s a collusive lawsuit filed by 7 attorneys general that smells a lot like a small version of the Carbon Dioxide lawsuit.

In this case they’re going after wood burners–both cowboys and indians. Dangerous campfires, wood furnaces and fireplaces.

Ms. Hollingsworth writes for an organization formed by one of my heroes–Brent Bozell, CNS News is the news arm of Media Research Center, the premier junk news/media detector.

I got a chance to discuss with Ms. H how the leftie enviros and agencies (like the EPA) get into these lawsuits so they can create legal decisions and precedents, rulings or consent decrees that advance their political and regulatory agenda without an opportunity for their real opponents. The pretense is that the court is hearing a case in controversy. NOT.

Bozell and Milloy are two debunkers and skeptics extraordinaire–needed when 1984 is just around the corner and Big Brother and his well paid army of experts are deep into deception and agit prop.

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6 responses to “Anti American Indian lawsuit filed by attorney generals of NE states

  1. We need to stop this slippery slope….NOW!

  2. We can’t have people escaping the regulatory net, can we?

  3. Maybe wood producers can make more money shipping the product to England. (

  4. Right on 57 chevy.

  5. These commies always seemed to despise American Indians. I remember reading back in the 1960s that the Indians were polluting the air with their smoke signals. Crazy.

  6. Let’s chip up the regulators and burn them for firewood. ;-)

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