Following the money Hemingway and Hinderaker

So you wonder why so many are sticking with their support of catastrophic warming?

Billions get’s my attention. Consider that the think tanks arrayed on our side are worth so little in assets and annual spending compared to the NGO enviro groups. There is no conservative think tank worth more than 100 million and yet here are the top ten enviro advocacy groups. As an example Heartland, which has done a stellar job on climate has an annual budget of less than 10 million.

Top Ten Environmental Groups
Green groups get gobs of greenbacks
Mark Hemingway, Washington Examiner, 29 November, 2010

Just because an organization is a nonprofit, that doesn’t mean it’s poor. Environmental organizations are thriving and have considerable financial resources at their disposal, with revenue coming from government grants and contracts, direct mail and Internet fundraising campaigns, foundation grants, and gifts from rich activists.
According to the latest tax filings, here’s the net worth of some of the nation’s largest and most prominent environmental organizations.
1. Nature Conservancy—Total assets: $5,636,393,924
2. The Conservation Fund—Total assets: $451,178,482
3. World Wildlife Fund—Total assets: $426,048,663
4. Trust for Public Land—Total assets: $399,026,229
5. Conservation International Foundation—Total assets: $370,034,224
6. National Audubon Society—Total assets: $337,695,958
7. Natural Resources Defense Council—Total assets: $232,276,696
8. Environmental Defense Fund—Total assets: $145,765,426
9. Sierra Club Foundation—Total assets: $107,928,024
10. National Wildlife Federation—Total assets: $69,448,048

Then consider how many science departments you could buy with the billions that are lavished on enviro researchers by the government agencies and their front organizations that may not be properly represented here below. Many entities that grant research money may not be included. There are also affiliated and allied forces that cross polinate research money on related toxicology, epidemiology, public health and environmental policy areas of research.

Read this and weep. Thanksto Fred Singer for providing me the link to the Hinderaker piece at Power Line

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6 responses to “Following the money Hemingway and Hinderaker

  1. It is now, and has always been….about the money!

  2. I think we always knew it was about the money and the power it gives.

  3. Now I know how the tobacco companies feel.
    Someone is taking my money and using it to slander me.

  4. Yeah but Koch bro … Uhhh, never mind.

  5. It’s never been more profitable to be “green”!

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