Dishonest: EPA chief says Obama climate plan not threatened by SCOTUS review of EPA authority over coal plants

About today’s Supreme Court decision to hear whether EPA can regulate stationary sources of CO2 (like power plants), Reuters reports:

Gina McCarthy, the EPA administrator, said in a statement that the court was taking up a “very narrow legal question” that would not substantially weaken the Obama administration’s climate-change agenda.

If EPA can’t regulate existing power plants, it won’t be regulating coal at all. It’s current proposal deals with future coal plants, none of which are being planned.

Gina McCarthy is, of course, just being dishonest.

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  1. Obama isn’t afraid of the Supreme Court. He knows he can do what he wants to and no one will do anything about it.

    For example, he grants a one-year delay for the employer mandate under ACA. He has NO AUTHORITY WHATSOEVER to do that. What’s the Republican’s response? Please, Mr. President, give a one-year waiver to individuals, too!


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