Climatologist Drama Queens: Government shutdown claimed to cause ‘irreversible damage’ to ‘decades of scientific research’

Hard to believe taxpayers have given $350 million to these whiners to do nonsense research that returns zero to taxpayers.

USA Today reports:

Anne Gambrel, a doctoral student at Princeton University, says she’s part of a team of scientists who have been working for about a decade to launch a telescope on a balloon from Antarctica. They planned to accomplish this in December.

“It is devastating to us to think that at this crucial point in our project, we can’t take the final step,” she writes in supporting Jeong’s petition. “Besides the vast amount of science that is being delayed or canceled, shutting down the continent for the season is wasting millions of dollars.”

Another graduate student doing research in the South Pole, Elizabeth George of the University of California, Berkeley, says scientists could lose “not only this season but years worth of work.” Even if the government resumes in two weeks, she says, “the damage to decades of scientific research will be irreversible.”

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8 thoughts on “Climatologist Drama Queens: Government shutdown claimed to cause ‘irreversible damage’ to ‘decades of scientific research’”

  1. Its hard to believe that it has taken Anne Gambrel and her other researchers ten years to prepare to launch a balloon with a telescope from Antarctica. Most Cub Scout packs do it in a matter of weeks.

    Maybe they took the short bus to school.

    The sad part is that we pay for this.

  2. Doesn’t say much for the management of these projects that a couple weeks delay can cost them years of lost research.

    That is, if you believe them…

  3. Climatology drama queens are mere puppets in the “The Evolution of Society, Science and Technology, from 1905 to 2013

    As noted on a recent post at Climate Etc., global warming is a Trojan Horse of modern “scientific” warfare.

    The first nuclear geo-scientist to visit the ruins of Hiroshima in Aug 1945, Professor P.K. Kuroda, launched me on a journey to the core of the Sun in 1960. He never told me where I was headed or what I would find.

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    1. Einstein reported that rest mass (m) is stored energy in 1905. Aston had already warned in the 1920s that release of energy from cores of heavy atoms might ignite fusion of light elements in the Earth’s atmosphere.

    2. Four atomic bombs exploded over a one month period in the late summer of 1945:

    _a.) July 16 in New Mexico
    _b.) Aug 06 Hiroshima
    _c.) Aug 09 Nagasaki Japan
    _d.) Aug 12 Konan, Korea

    3. Earth’s atmosphere did not ignite. Russian troops captured Japan’s A-bomb facility at Konan, and shot down an American plane trying to obtain information. The American crew were held captive and perhaps used as pawns in negotiations.

    4. Without telling the public about the fourth atomic bomb, and with limited information about its nature, the United Nations was formed on Oct 24, 1945 to protect world leaders and society from extinction by nuclear annihilation and ignition of Earth’s atmosphere.

    5. Two empirical facts were hidden after 1945: Neutron repulsion causes
    _ a.) A-bombs to explode
    _ b.) Stars to make hydrogen

    6. Fusion H-bombs with fission cores were developed in the early 1950s.

    7. The USSR launched Sputnik in 1957, preparing to take control.

    8. Joseph Kennedy spent a fortune to get his son elected in 1960 to keep Richard Nixon out of office and to end USSR’s domination of space.

    9. John Kennedy established the Apollo Mission to end domination of space by the USSR. The Cold War almost erupted.

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    11. Richard Nixon assumed office in 1972, ended the Apollo program, and returned this country to its 24 Oct 1945 destiny under the United Nations

    12. Tearing down the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the USSR was perhaps a Hollywood production featuring one of its greatest actors, Ronald Reagan?

    13. In ~1990 the current AGW scare began in earnest and Russia resumed its dominance of space.

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

    See this one-page synopsis of my autobiography, “A Journey to the Core of the Sun.”

  4. At first read I thought Ms. Gambrel had been a graduate student for 10 years and thought if she had been hanging out for that long, what’s another couple weeks? If she hasn’t been there for the decade this dedicated team of scientists have been working, you can still ask: what’s a couple weeks?
    One might also ask if in the decades of research on these weighty issues, have there been no gaps in data? Only a true cynic would ask if the world would suffer dire consequences or notice if the work was cancelled.

  5. “Hard to believe taxpayers have given $350 million to these whiners to do nonsense research that returns zero to taxpayers.”
    Taxpayers have not “given” money to these groups. It was taken from the taxpayers, primarily by fraudulent applications and fraudulent science. In any type of honest society, these people would be prosecuted for taking money under false pretenses, embezzlement, etc.
    In today’s world, they will get Nobel prizes and government positions of influence.

  6. This reminds me of a skit that the National Lampoon players recorded. I’ll paraphrase it slightly:

    “Don’t believe those scientists who whine about being poor and stuck in Antarctica with no money. They aren’t poor. Can you afford to live in Antarctica? No, you can’t afford to visit Antarctica. And do you know what they do with all that money you send them? They launch pretty balloons into the air for the penguins to watch and have a laugh at your expense.”

  7. This is even more lame than the people that are at death’s door because they can’t enroll in a drug trial that may or may not work and they may or may not really get the drug.

  8. You have to wonder what a telescope in a balloon’s going to tell us? After reading the article I’m just devastated, lmao, that it will affect the World Oceans Conference or whatever that drivel is. Sounds like another group looking to impose their Oceanic view on mankind.

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