Angola warming blamed on ozone ‘hole’ (i.e., use of air conditioning, refrigeration) — no science, just proximity/politics

UPI reports:

A decades-long warming trend in southern Africa is likely the result of the ozone hole over the Antarctic and its effect on wind circulation, researchers say.

In early summer southern Africa is affected by what is known as the Angola Low, a low-pressure system that pulls in warm air from the lower latitudes, increasing temperatures.

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  1. Didn’t they have record cold winters and early winters the last few years. It is about time they warmed up a bit in South Africa. As I recall some soccer games were unexpectedly snowed on recently.

  2. Someone needs to tell the Aust. Bureau of Met. It’s just claimed that Australia’s recent wet periods followed currently by a drought is caused by the ENSO. And I suppose the Angolan heat must be balanced by cooling somewhere else in the world because world temperatures are stagnant. And then, if the ozone hole is causing the heat, it, it must also be causing the cooling. Idiots!


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