Canadian Health Group Pulls Back Salt Restrictions

Following close behind the UK, Canada’s health organization, Hypertension Canada, has raised its recommended salt limits. They’re inching their way towards the evidence, but still can’t quite bring themselves to abandon popular salt myths.

Salt guidelines raised to 2,000mg per day as Canadian experts cite existing targets as ‘not feasible

A group that advises doctors on how to best help patients prevent high blood pressure is shaking up its advice on the amount of sodium Canadians should get in their diets. On Thursday, Hypertension Canada announced it has raised its recommended amount of daily sodium intake for most adults to 2,000 milligrams, the equivalent of roughly five millilitres or one teaspoon of salt….Read more.

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7 responses to “Canadian Health Group Pulls Back Salt Restrictions

  1. It’s almost an even-numbered year again, so it’s almost time for salt to be okay again.

  2. Scott Scarborough

    Write a post about the recent study linking DDT to type 2 Diabetes.

  3. It will increase crime I tell you!
    In fact I heard two peanuts were walking down the street when one was a’salted!

  4. Anyone know why so few updates lately? I’m assuming Steve is busy with a life or something.

  5. Whatt?? Even the “Greenies” have found out food tastes like crap without salt.

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