Free ride for solar freeloaders about to end in U.S. — Non-solar ratepayers subsidize freeloaders up to $254 million and rising

The Dallas Morning News reports:

Sunlight is free, but if you use it to make electricity, your power company wants you to pay.

Utilities in many states say solar-friendly rate plans, conceived to promote alternative energy sources, are too generous and allow solar customers to avoid paying for the grid even though they use it.

Some power companies are proposing an extra fee for solar customers. Others are trying to roll back programs that allow those customers to trade the solar power they generate during sunny days for power they need from the grid during other times.

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5 responses to “Free ride for solar freeloaders about to end in U.S. — Non-solar ratepayers subsidize freeloaders up to $254 million and rising

  1. Now the truth will come out. Once they’ve got you, they can do what they please…you’ve already invested so much.

  2. Reblogged this on Mothers Against Wind Turbines and commented:
    Eventually the hosts will get screwed too….

  3. Our Government in Queensland, Australia, is acutely aware of this problem. Electricity is around the 25c/kwH mark here and the previous socialist state government offered 44c/kwH for solar fed into the grid … those who could not afford the installation (the poor) and others are subsidising the solar pigs. Our conservative Premier has cut this back to 8c although the 44c largess will run to 2020 … the pigs are whining that they may soon be slugged with a network access fee so that everybody will share the cost of the infrastructure equitably. You need the network whether you’re putting power in or taking it out.

    • Well unless you go off grid. If you use alternate power and go off grid then you aren’t using the system for resources.

      But yes I agree – these solar users are getting free power and sucking it from the poor. Why do left wing liberals hate the poor?

  4. Funny – the report says people are going to solar meaningless need to build power plants. The make it out like power companies are evil greedy bastards.

    Solar power needs 92% generation backup. So you pau nothing and the power company still has to pay to cover 98% of your power. Who pays for that – the poor.

    Again – why do liberals hate the poor?

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