Mike’s ‘hidden decline’ found in new study: Tree-ring analysis shows no warming in eastern Mediterranean past 900 years

The Register reports:

There’s interesting news on the climate beat this week, especially given the background of the just-released IPCC AR5 report – which blames humanity for warming the planet. A new, comprehensive study examining temperatures in the Eastern Mediterranean region over the last 900 years indicates that global warming and associated climate changes actually haven’t happened there at all.

“At several places in the Mediterranean the winter and spring temperatures indicate long-term trends which are decreasing or at least not increasing,” says Dr Ingo Heinrich from the Potsdam Helmholtz-Zentrum of the Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum (German Geosciences Research Centre).

According to a Helmholtz Centre announcement highlighting Dr Heinrich’s latest research:

For the first time a long temperature reconstruction on the basis of stable carbon isotopes in tree rings has been achieved for the eastern Mediterranean. An exactly dated time series of almost 900 year length was established, exhibiting the medieval warm period, the little ice age between the 16th and 19th century as well as the transition into the modern warm phase … [however] the modern warming trend cannot be found in the new chronology.

Heinrich and his colleagues write:

The twentieth century warming trend found elsewhere could not be identified in our proxy record, nor was it found in the corresponding meteorological data used for our study.

So, ordinary meteorological data for the region backs up the trees’ assertion that, in effect, there hasn’t been any global warming at all in the Eastern Mediterranean: nor, perhaps, in other lowland regions of Europe.


  1. there hasn’t been any global warming at all in the Eastern Mediterranean: nor, perhaps, in other lowland regions of Europe.

    Then it isn’t exactly “global” warming then, is it?

  2. It has to be global to be global warming. Considering the number of areas where the temperature markers are not warming, and the manipulation of data in areas that supposedly are, the entire “warming” deal is in serious doubt.
    Of course if I have questions about Mann’s treemometers, I have to be skeptical of all treemometers and other proxies.

  3. All temperature readings are proxies. Measuring the expansion of mercury is also a proxy. The question is how well isolated the variables are and how well calibrated the proxy is to real temperatures. That being said, the argument that the medieval warm period was “local phenomenon” and thus can be dismissed should be equally applied to todays warming. If there are many locations that are not experiencing warming than what we have is a collection of local problems requiring local solutions.

  4. Of course there isn’t a record of the modern warming trend, mankind’s co2 magically beamed it into the depths of the ocean. Didn’t you read the IPCC report !

  5. Howdy GH05T
    Or a collection of local measurements that do not represent problems and don’t require solutions anyway.


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