Long-contested Romanian gold mine plan thwarted by anti-development mob

All this means is poorer Romanians. Such a shame.

About the mine featured in the documentary “Mine Your Own Business,” the Guardian reports:

Romania indicated it would reject plans by a Canadian mining firm to create Europe’s largest opencast gold mine, following week-long protests by thousands of people across the country.

On Monday, prime minister Victor Ponta said a draft bill to allow Canadian company, Gabriel Resources, to mine gold and silver at the Carpathian town, Rosia Montana, would be rejected by the two chambers of the Romanian parliament because a “majority of lawmakers” opposed it.

“That will be the end of this bill. I, as prime minister, have to find other solutions for foreign investments and the creation of jobs,” he said. “As long as it is obvious that there is a majority opposed to the bill, it is useless to waste too much time on it.”

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Read Steve Milloy’s 2007 FOXNews.com column on the mine.

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3 responses to “Long-contested Romanian gold mine plan thwarted by anti-development mob

  1. Only one voice of sanity so far amongst the usual grauniad nufnufs.

  2. The only reasonable excuse for opposing gold mining in Romania would be to keep the profits in Romania.

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