Myth: Montreal Protocol saved the ozone layer

A post at is titled, “Remember the hole in the ozone layer? We slowed that. We can slow climate change, too.” So let’s take a look at the ozone hole claim.

As the NOAA graphic below shows, there is no question that emissions of so-called “ozone depleting substances” (ODS) are down since the Montreal protocol went into effect.

NOAA ODS graph

BUT… this NOAA chart shows that the emissions cut is not necessarily translating into less ozone depletion.

MP effects

Read the Treehugger post.

Click for NOAA’s 2010 ozone depletion assessment.

During Al Gore’s January 2006 global warming slideshow at Americans for Tax Reform, Gore said the major value of the Montreal Protocol was that it showed an international environmental treaty was possible. He said nothing about it accomplishing anything — and apparently with good reason.

2 thoughts on “Myth: Montreal Protocol saved the ozone layer”

  1. I wonder if that one study done last year in Greece (of all places) ever held water. I bet they did the study in the summer, where the ozone hole is already repaired.

  2. I see the flatening of the ozone graph, but the uptick is clearly either supposed or fictional.

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