One thought on “Environmental Propaganda Agency: EPA issues video series that ‘supports’ Obama climate plan”

  1. I do not think that any of this proves that EPA has lost its place as an independent agency. I think that Obama was just 10 to 12 years old when the EPA began spewing enviro-religious propaganda in 1972 and because he lacks any kind of science education or background he has become brainwashed, along with a lot of other Americans. The agency is still independent, our President is not. He confounds the situation by appointing “true believers” every time he gets a chance. Think Carol Browner, Van Jones, Gina McCarthy, Ernest Moniz et al. He never gets to hear the other side of the debate, he gets all of his information from heavily biased sources.

    The continuing brainwashing that goes on in public schools is working, and working to the detriment of all of us.

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