Warmism Failing: WaPo reports GOP ‘paying no price whatsoever for climate science denialism’

Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson isn’t budging from skepticism despite a $2 million warmist campaign against him.

Greg Sargent writes at the Washington Post:

You really should be paying close attention to the ongoing battle between the League of Conservation Voters and Tea Party Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. In addition to being highly entertaining, there’s a great deal at stake here — whether it’s possible to hold public officials accountable for climate science denialism.

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7 responses to “Warmism Failing: WaPo reports GOP ‘paying no price whatsoever for climate science denialism’

  1. The alarmists should be paying the political price, but aren’t much.

    • The effects on the public’s wallet have been scattered so far. My guess is the public might get aroused when it hits them harder.

      • What is going to hit them? My wallet is being hit tremendously by green energy. My costs are 26 cents per kilowatt hour, because the utilities have to subsidize all sorts of untenable green energy projects.

        • Howdy Marque2 and Bob
          The thing is, “progressive” voters seem to miss the fact that “progressive” policies hurt them the most. And always have done so. But the would-be elite keep voting so they can be elite and the would-be moochers keep voting to mooch without realizing that achieving is a much more secure way to live. Enough are voting this way to keep Obama and the Enablers ruining the country.

  2. I predict the ultimate “price of carbon” will be the loss of the left’s political capital.

  3. “Science” has noting to do with politics.. unless you’re a hard left wack job.

  4. $2 million is just about enough to pay for the jet fuel that Air Force One converts into CO2 on an 11-hour trip.

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