Scientific Cleansing: Interior Secretary says ‘I hope there are no climate change deniers in the Department of Interior’

E&E reports:

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell today challenged her employees to take an active role in the “moral imperative” to address climate change.

“I hope there are no climate change deniers in the Department of Interior,” she said.

If there are any, she invited them to visit public lands managed by the agency — be it the melting permafrost in Alaska or shrinking snowpacks in the Sierra Mountains — as proof. “If you don’t believe in it, come out into the resources,” she said.

Interior will be following through on President Obama’s climate change plan, including achieving 20 gigawatts of renewable power on public lands by 2020, she said.

“You and I can actually do something about it,” she said several times. “That’s a privilege, and I would argue it’s a moral imperative.”

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28 thoughts on “Scientific Cleansing: Interior Secretary says ‘I hope there are no climate change deniers in the Department of Interior’”

  1. The words DENIER and DENIALIST are secular variants of the word HERESY which is, like FAITH, a theological attribute that has nothing to do with scientific inquiry. If the climate change cult called them heretics and enforced prohibitions against heresy, they would look like the foolish clerics they are. But because they are part of The Left – and because the DENIER epithet is so effective – they will use the word to bilk taxpayers out of billions of dollars and launder it through our universities, federal and international government agencies, NGOs and non-profits – just as HIV/AIDS theology.

  2. Yes, it is mostly confined to the towns built by incompetent people. I guess there are many enough of those to demonstrate global warming to the gullible.

    Any robust structure built over permafrost uses heat pumps or adequate insulation + ballast.

    Outside towns, thawing permafrost or melting ice can be seen anywhere there is erosion by running water.

  3. Actually, if you go to WUWT, they have several exposes on this, Building permanent towns with foundations instead of small, mobile villages, creates a significant amount of subsurface warming (due to housing and vehicle heat transfer through the foundation instead of just to the top). As there has been a large amount of relocation (voluntary and otherwise) to claim various arctic regions, this means a lot of unsuitable land has been recently built on, and the permafrost melting in those towns is severe. However, it’s mostly confined to the towns.

  4. Now that you’re saying it … sometimes I am, too. It’s just that the fraudsters are so successfull in channeling conversations away from climate change to climate that it’s not funny anymore. “Go and and look how the permafrost is melting (because of you)”.

    Just this morning, a local churchgoer knocked at my door asking for a donation “to mitigate climate change in Perú”. I asked whether he could suggest a more worthwhile target for donations, and he said, “No, not at the moment. Climate change has the highest priority. It is killing millions”.

    I couldn’t help laughing in his face — something I’ve never done to anybody. He obviously didn’t expect such treatment. They are all good soldiers in this neighbourhood. Can’t be sacrastic enough with these folks.

  5. There is no commom sense, these people are believing in AGW which is a lie or fairy tale if you perfer. I’am for truth and always tell the truth. Not like promoters of this lie.

  6. Breck, you miss the point. “Climate change” is not the change of climate over millions of years or over any time period. People who say these words don’t even think about climate. They use them as a new brand of “global warming” — the name of the scam that gave them subsistence for decades. A “climate change denier” is somebody who stands in their way to further wealth. “Climate change denial” is synonymous with “expropriation”.

  7. I, too, hope there are no climate change deniers. You’d have to be pretty darn near ignorant to deny that the earth’s climate has not repeatedly changed over millions of years – almost as ignorant as claiming that any climate change now is due solely to human activity or that CO2 is a pollutant hazardous to human health.

  8. A degreed mechanical engineer stifling scientific inquiry!! As I recall my university days studying engineering physics and meteorology, my professors told me to question and investigate. Don’t nod your head yes
    to everything people tell you. Learn to use what nature gave you between your two ears. I thought there might be a ray of hope at Interior with an engineer at the helm. WRONG!!!!! Another Obama Useful Idiot.

  9. Too much. We’ll still be feeling the effects long after he’s gone. Unless, immediately upon his departure, the agencies that have been filled with zealots for years are defunded or disbanned.

  10. @Johan – you might have too-quickly misinterpreted my comment. Skeptics say the IPCC has NOT conclusively established AGW is a settled science. I’m fully aware of Donna’s work, she and I exchange emails, and I’ve cited her book several times in my online articles.

  11. Morality?…..then let’s have Anthony Weiner plant a few trees in her name for moralities sake in the public lands. Listen, this nonsense also happens in NOAA. For years they have had talking points that employees had to say if they went out into the field to take part in outreach activities.(many of us didn’t use them and we heard about it)even though what they suggested was totally inaccurate when looking at the data. I.e. the Hockey Stick. Former Noaa Administrator was part of a climate group before noaa that promoted nothing but global warming findings and ignored all others. Thank goodness she is gone. What Jewell is actually saying is,(short of living in Russia) either you go along with me, or you will be punished in someway. Any decent boss(not Obama)hearing her say this would immediately banish her from that position and ship her to her precious public lands. She is confused by what is meant by “deniers” and those with “common sense.” What an idiot!

  12. Howdy R Bell
    If mole men from the center of the earth are competent forest rangers, hydrologists, accountants and drivers, then they have as much right to seek employment as you do.
    In fact, if mole men from the center of the earth are also climate realists — deniers of the CAGW concept — they’d be more competent than she is.

  13. Howdy Scott
    1. Yes, she is.
    2. Considered? She’s already got the job.
    3. Because that’s how Obama himself thinks.

  14. Still more than 3 years remaining of Obama climate crazyness. How much damage can he do to the US economy in that time?

  15. Rather than taking an active role in moral imperatives, maybe they should simply count the trees, moose, and bear, and otherwise enforce the laws.

  16. An Interior Secretary dedicated to installing solar panels. And an Energy Secretary dedicated to building them. In the mean time, what about the interior and what about energy? And where is the sequester when you need it?

  17. Russell: Recall that IPCC makes its point in AR 4 by striking out any sign of objective scientific discussion! Even world-renowned scientists not readily subscribing to the iron-wrought foggy statements of the IPCC leaders were brutally censored or forced to leave the work in protest. Please look up ” Donna Laframboise juvenile delinquent” if you already do not know her work on IPCC.

  18. And this “denier” talking point will implode the moment when any reporter has the chutzpah to challenge President Obama to give the name of a single skeptic scientist how “denies” the climate is changing. This thing was concocted to mimic the ‘smoking causes cancer denial’ line with the insinuation being that skeptics are paid shills of the self-serving fossil fuel industry. And as we all know, the skeptics do no more than point out how the IPCC has not conclusively made its case for AGW, it doesn’t get any more simple than that. AGWers’ greatest fear is that the larger public will figure this out.

  19. Of course, she implies we are climate change deniers. Just the opposite, the climate is always changing. It is a natural process. In fact it is impossible to prevent the climate from changing.

  20. To further comment on the substance, pointing at melting permafrost is utterly disingenuous. One can only point at it at such places where it is exposed. Ice melts at above-melting temperatures — duh! Show us how it melts where it is not exposed and is not in contact with running water.

    These guys are in Alaska digging in permafrost. Note the jackhammer:

  21. Oh Boy… the US is really sunk. With morons like that and the complete idiot at the top, there is no hope. The US is sunk!

  22. Make a note and when the shoe is on the other foot, put the boot into her and her warmista employees.

  23. Is this woman really suggesting that scientific inquiry or dispute is unacceptable? That to consider alternate theories to a very complex theoretical construct is not allowed? Why is she even being considered for this post?

  24. Obviously Secretary Jewell was selected to further Obama’s agenda. She is fuzzy on ideas like liberty, scientific inquiry and academic freedom; in fact her statement verges on being a religious test for employment.
    So of course Obama picked her.

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